LDST 330 week 5 assignment

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Assignment #5

WEEK FIVE: Applied Ethics: Talent Management, Business Disciplines

Chapter 7: Ethics and the Management of Talent; Review Case 7.2, 7.3

Chapter 8: Accounting and Finance; Review Case 8.2, 8.3

Assignment – Be prepared to answer these questions:

  1. What types of conflicts occur in Organizations regarding the management of people
  2. Should managers really care that their employees need a purpose that provides meaning for their work and their life?
  3. Do Pollard’s words carry more weight because he has “walked the talk?”
  4. In what ways does the Judeo-Christian theological imagination provide insights about creating organizations in which people can flourish?
  5. How does Erisman suggest that managing with technology has affected how we work? Through what five layers must a manager and employee behavior and production?
  6. If in which role has Cheryl Broetje had the most impact: the role of business owner, or the role of founder of nonprofit agencies? Is there a difference between the two roles? Should there be?
  7. What are the concerns that the authors voice regarding executive pay, and what should Christians make of all this?
  8. Name some of the ethical failures that occurred during the recent financial crisis.
  9. What is the auditor’s role in the accounting relationship, and what are some of the interpretive acts accountants make in the drawing up accounts?
  10. What are the two sorts of conflicts faced by accountants?
  11. What failures incorporate financial reporting does Staubus say have received attention, and which have not received as much attention?
  12. What service has the auditing process not been designed to provide, which may lead to ethical compromise?
  13. According to Terrill, what happens when we divorce economics from moral imperatives?
  14. What is required for investment banking to function as it was intended?

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