Latinos Studies

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youll have to read since its based on a book no online resource I believe it is 3/4 chapters


The assigned readings in Weeks 10 from the New Latino Studies Reader critically explore issues of gender and sexuality among Latino populations.They do so both historically (Ramon Gutierrez’s “The History of Latino Sexuality”) and contemporarily (Robert Smith’s “Gender Strategies, Settlement, and Transnational Life in the First Generation” and Lorena Garcia’s “She’s Old School Like That: Mother and Daughter Sex Talks”).All three articles in this section offer a sophisticated analysis of the way that manhood and womanhood is given cultural meaning among different generations of Latinos and Latinas in the United States.

Drawing upon Ramon Gutierrez’s historical analysis of “male honor” and “female shame,” discuss how these gender ideals have contemporary meaning in the lives of the Mexican and Puerto Rican subjects that Robert Smith and Lorena Garcia interviewed in their essays.How do cultural constructions of “male honor” and “female shame” impact on the lives of the first-generation Mexican immigrant couples that Smith interviewed and the second-generation Mexican and Puerto Rican young women that Garcia interviewed?Your essay must make use of all three of these essays in addressing the essay question posed.Make sure you begin with the Gutierrez essay and then discuss the Smith and Garcia articles.

Your essay will be evaluated on how carefully and successfully you directly draw from these three course readings in crafting your essay.It is the quality of the engagement with and use of the assigned readings that is key to this assignment.Please make sure that you include concrete examples taken from them and correctly cite the readings in writing your essay.As always; no first-person voice, personal experiences, or personal points of view should be included in your essay. I am only interested in you telling me what the authors of these essay have to say.You may use any footnoting style that you prefer (MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style) as long as you are consistent.Please make sure to include a word count and bibliography at the end of your essay.

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