KM and Social BPM reflection

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(Reflect on the value of KM and Social BPM,  and Predict how you will use KM and Social BPM in your future)

Reflect on the value of Knowledge Management (KM) and Social Business Process Management (BPM) for you. Please express what you have learned and how you will utilize it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and even the next five years. Your reflection must be thoughtful and substantive. It must be about YOU.

(I’m not limited to number of pages as long as you covered all requirements and your reflection is thoughtful and substantive)

use examples if needed  and cite all your work. 

see the attachment for good start 



Topics covered
in this course: 

1- Knowledge
Management and Business Process Management:

a- Identify the role of knowledge management in business
process management.

b- Integrate information from various sources to
identify the value of knowledge management to organizations.

c- Analyze a case situation to determine the value of KM
and BPM and make recommendations for increasing value

2- Knowledge Management Process

Evaluate how an organization could
have improved the knowledge management system.

Analyze a case situation using the
APQC maturity model

Perform a knowledge gap risk
analysis and prescribe process improvements for a case situation.

Apply concepts in KM to our
personal decision making.

3- Decision
Making by Individuals and Teams

Identify reasons people do not
always make rational decisions.

Analyze you own decision style and
identify how you could improve it.

4- Decision
Making with Business Rules and without Business Rules

How does KM inform decision

How do KM and BPM incorporate
business rules?

Create business rules as part of a
business process.

Identify situations where business
rules are appropriate and situations where they are not.

 5- Social

With the ‘internet
of everything,’ why should we worry about capturing knowledge? I don’t
think I have time for ‘socializing’ – I have too much work to do.

Social business process management (also
called social business) encompasses knowledge management. Social media as a
knowledge management tool is relatively new. Typically, the knowledge
management process involved:

i. the discovery or
identification of  relevant knowledge

ii. the capture of individual’s knowledge by the organization

iiii. the sharing or
dissemination of knowledge

iv. the application or utilization of the shared knowledge and

v. the maintenance of the knowledge database to keep it

This process allowed organizations to become learning
organizations and not reinvent the wheel over and over again. Social media
presents a new opportunity for organizations to quickly and efficiently share
knowledge. But it also presents a new challenge to KM — how to capture the
knowledge being shared so that the organization can learn from it.

Apply the concepts of social BPM
to design a KM solution using social media

Analyze the efficacy of current KM
practices in a case situation.

6- Organizational

How can an organization protect its most valuable asset –

As noted, organizations can no longer compete by just
managing land, labor and capital. Processes and knowledge are now key competitive
tools. A significant dilemma facing organizations is to how to take advantage
of the knowledge their employees have gained while working for them.
Organizations expend a significant amount of resources training and developing
the expertise of their employees. But once that expertise is developed,
employees may move to another organization or retire, which can be a huge loss.
Good knowledge management practices can significantly reduce the losses.

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