Keiser University Wek 4 Biology Ecosystems & Climate Change Discussion

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Week 4 Discussion

Take a look at the World POPClock  where you can compare the ever changing world population with years gone by. The current world population is over 7 billion people. Do you believe that the U.S. should be concerned about overpopulation and that immediate action is warranted, or do you believe that the risks of overpopulation have been grossly overstated? What about other parts of the world? List at least one source per APA from your research.

Review this website. Research the Internet about the different ecosystems. For your first post, write a description about the particular ecosystem that you live in. What is the ecosystem? What is the climate like? What type of vegetation is there? What is the temperature like? Etc? Your answers should reflect your own observations about your surroundings as well as those found on websites. List at least one source per APA from your research.

Everything we do on this planet leaves a mark.  An ecological footprint is the degree of human impact on our ecosystems.  Americans are at the top of the list for their detrimental footprints on our ever increasing fragile planet.  Take the quiz on the following website: Ecological Footprint Quiz.  Share with the class your results.  How does your personal footprint compare to others in America or others around the world?  Do you personally do things which should help to lessen your footprint?  Have you within recent years changed your habits or actions to help the planet?  Do you think that global warming and destruction of our planet is really severe or do you think it is all public hype?  Are the Earth’s forests disappearing?  Does it matter if they are?  Is there any hope for our planet?  What are your suggestions or concerns? List at least one source per APA from your research.

Task 2

Week 4 task: Human-caused Environmental Issues – Website Recommendation Blog

Part 1: Initial Blog Post on a Human-caused Environmental Issue

After completing this week’s reading task(Chapters 30, 31 & 32), select a human-caused environmental issue (for example, climate change, species extinction, etc.) and research it further. Find a reliable, useful website that discusses the human impacts to the environment caused by this issue.  No duplicate websites are permitted. [NOTE: Neither open resources nor open blogs can be used as sources of information; see ‘Researching Information’ within the class for more information on appropriate credible/reliable sources of information].


PART 1RESPOND TO Erika Krause Week 4 OverpopulationThe United States population is always increasing. The life to death ratio is very close within a second of each other, but the births and deaths are not the only thing to take into consideration for the country’s population. We also must assess the number of people immigrating into the country. Being the most desirable country to live in immigration had rapidly increased over the years. I believe that overpopulation is something to be concerned about and should have a plan of action to slow down, but I don’t believe it is an urgent matter among other things. I believe that to be so due to the advancement in technology and other resources through the years. Survival resources have become easier to attain with these advancements. The downfall to all of that is the economic footprint being put into the world.Word Count: 143Reference:…

RESPOND TO Daniela Arzola OverpopulationBy 2100 the population is on track to hit 10.8 billion, according to the United Nations — and that’s assuming steady fertility declines in many countries (Bish, 2020). I think overpopulation is a problem in certain areas of the world more than it is in others, but it is still definitely a problem that the US should be concerned about. Over population has been caused by medical improvement, falling mortality rate, decrease in contraceptive use, lack of education, and many more reasons. Humans have destroyed beautiful wildlife areas and displaced multiple different types of wildlife around the world to create new spaces for malls, homes, buildings, and more. Earth’s problem with overpopulation shows itself when you see a homeless man sleeping on the side of the road, at a bus stop, or begging for money or food in the middle of the road. I think that action is warranted for the future survival of the world and resources but I feel the solution to overpopulation and prolonging the life expectancy of our world is not going to be easy to find. Although I think overpopulation is something to keep in mind and be concerned about, I don’t think that the change has to be immediate. The consequences to overpopulation should not be overlooked as many are suffering at this day and time because of over population and its consequences. The consequences include deforestation, global warming, pollution, lack of certain resources, possible increase in violence, an increase in disasters and pandemics. China and India are the countries with the highest population and highest yearly change of population. Specifically China’s problem with overpopulation is so high that their population takes up more than their country. From personal experience, I went once and it was extremely crowded and at many times hard to move.References:Is the Earth really overpopulated? – The Overpopulation ProjectWe explain why do we think that verpopulation exist in the overconsuming rich but low fertility countries as well as in poor and high fertility countries.The Overpopulation ProjectThe World CountsIs our planet overpopulated? We ask the expertGlobal development lecturer Heather Alberro on whether rising birth rates are really to blame for the climate crisisthe GuardianBish, Joe (2020, June 25) ‘Overpopulation: Cause and Effect’ Retrieved from

PART 2 climate change NewRESPOND TO   Adysdania Benitez  Climate changeHumans are increasingly influencing climate change through various activities they engage in. Natural activities such as volcanic eruptions release a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, volcanic eruptions do not produce long-term climate changes because they remain much less in the atmosphere than greenhouse gases. Human activities that have caused climate change include deforestation, mining, agricultural activities, and the burning of fossil fuel which has more effect than any other (US EPA, 2021). The concentration of greenhouse gases is a result of increased industrial activities that emanates the gases. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide concentrations are now more abundant in the earth’s atmosphere than before due to human activities. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Human activities that result in these emissions include the emission by the automobile that generates the largest share of greenhouse gases, electricity production from the burning of coal and natural gases. Industries burn fossil fuels to release energy which additionally increases the gases in the atmosphere. Natural gas is also released from rice paddies, cows, and agricultural soils. There is an increased rate of deforestation, forests act as a sink for greenhouse gases (US EPA, 2021).The greenhouses gases cause global warming, the impacts of climate change are felt at large. The climate changes have resulted in the rise in the temperature, droughts, famine, and increased tropical diseases, there is reduced supply water. Global warming has caused an increase in water levels that causes health-related problems. The flooding and soil erosion common in coastal areas are likely to be experienced (CLEAN, 2021). Economically, due to low water levels, the electricity charges are likely to rise, more taxation all culminating in high standards of living. ReferencesCLEAN. (2021, May 13). 6. Humans affect climate. Teaching Climate. EPA. (2021, April 14).

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