Juvenile Risk Factors,

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Once a minor is sentenced as an adult and “bound-over” to adult court, it is not only the juvenile who faces potential danger, but also those who are administrating the criminal institution (i.e., the prison warden, correctional officers, correctional psychologist, and staff). As a forensic psychology professional, you may be involved in the decision of a juvenile being sentenced as an adult because of the nature of the crime he or she committed. However, as forensic psychology professionals in institutions, what are some of the risk factors for you, the juvenile, the institution and the community?

In this Assignment, you will consider the various elements of a juvenile being “bound over” and sentenced as an adult offender.

To prepare

  • View the video “Inside Juvenile Detention” in your Learning Resources.
  • Review the week’s Learning Resources


In a 2- to 3-page paper:

  • Compare the risk of exposure to violence for a juvenile within the prison setting versus being released to community supervision.
  • Explain the risk factors for juvenile offenders being tried and sentenced as adults versus as juveniles.
  • Explain the role of the forensic psychology professional in this process.

Use at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the course materials, in your analysis.

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