Joliet Junior College Important Human Pathogens and Preventing Them Discussion

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Discussion Board – Important human pathogens and preventing them

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Important human pathogens

A.  Watch the following videos and study the materials

10 worst pandemic and epidemics (10 min) (Links to an external site.)by Knowledge Window

Preventing  world-wide epidemics (by R, 2016 Jonh, TedEx, 11 min) (Links to an external site.)by RK John, TEDx

The deadliest contagious diseases (NPR, 2014) (Links to an external site.)

B.  Post a paragraph discussing one of the following questions (5 pts): 

What is pandemic? how does it happen?

Which epidemics discussed do you think is most important and why?

How likely is that a big epidemic may happen in next decade? Why do you think so? 

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