Joliet Junior College Emerging Viral infections Discussion

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Discussion Board – Emerging Viral infections

Emerging Viral Infections

A.  Study the following resources

Emerging viral infectious diseases (11 min, by David Quammen, TEDx, 2013) (Links to an external site.)viral infectious diseases, TEDx

Emerging viral diseases (14 min, Vince Gutschick, 2018) (Links to an external site.)Emerging viral diseases, 2018

B.  After studying the above materials and those in module, post a your discussion response to ONE of the following questions (5 pts):

Which viral diseases do you think might cause a huge public health problems in next decade? 

How can a viral infectious disease appear in human for the first time and how dangerous it might be? 

What can we do to be prepared for a possible emerging serious viral infectious disease?

C. Then, read your class-mates posts and reply to at least two of your classmates. Your comments should be meaningful (not simply “Yeah, me too” or “I agree”). (2.5 pts for each full meaningful response). Make sure you include following in your reply: 

start by greeting the class-mate by name 

  • contribute to one or two of his/her discussion point with your view

Pose any related questions you might have

your name

D.  Answer any questions you might get from class-mates

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