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Commission Calculation Program Part 1

Write a Java™ application using NetBeans™
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that calculates the total annual
compensation of a salesperson. Consider the following factors:

A salesperson will earn a
fixed salary of $55,000.00

A salesperson will also
receive a commission as a sales incentive. Commission is a percentage of the
salesperson’s annual sales. The current commission is 14% of total sales.

The total annual
compensation is the fixed salary plus the commission earned.

The Java™ application
should meet these technical requirements:

The application should have
at least one class, in addition to the application’s controlling class (a
controlling class is where the main function resides). Please see the examples in the main
classroom on what a controlling class is.

There should be proper
documentation in the source code.

The application should ask
the user to enter annual sales, and it should display the total annual

Submit your program and a screen image of the running program.



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