IT Questions chapter 14

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Are you prepared to deal effectively with ethical challenges that social, search, mobile, and mining technologies create in business? Anecdotal research suggests that individuals – both professionally and personally – often do not even recognize when ethical issues are present. If people cannot recognize them, it is hard to imagine how they could deal responsibly with ethic challenges.

IT ethics is discussed in this chapter, which also presents the challenges of identifying responsible conduct related to IT and acting accordingly. Most major retailers rely on predictive analytics to understand consumers’ shopping habits and also their personal habits to more effectively market to them. Using information and processing power to gain a competitive edge in ways that managers try desperately to keep secret from customers or regulators is a solid indicator of ethical misconduct.

Key issues you read in this chapter are social discrimination; the impact of present practices on the ecosystem, society, and environment of the future; Mobile technology helps reduce travel-related energy consumption and yet contributes to environmental deterioration. There are no easy fixes, clear-cut judgments, answers, or solutions. The goal is to recognize the crucial ethical and ecological issues to better manage IT and tip the balance toward better conduct and sustainability.

1. Read from Page 418 through to Page 434

2. Turn to Page 419 and read: Case 1 – Opening Case: Recognizing Corporate Social Media Discrimination

3. Answer the Discuss question 1 through 4 on Page 421.

4. Turn to Page 427 and read: IT at Work 14.1: Three Green IT Myths

6. Answer Questions 1 and 2

7. Turn to Page 436 and complete the Questions for Discussion & Review 1 through9.

8. Complete Data analysis project.


1. Why do companies and recruiters continue to engage in social recruiting?

2. Visit two or more social media sites and review information that people have posted about themselves – or their friends have posted about them. What types of protected class information did you find? Give examples of what you found. Include the sites where this information was obtained if you agree or disagree with it’s posting for the world to see.

3.When organizations source their hiring to recruiting firms, how might that increase or decrease the risk of social media discrimination? Explain.

4.Consider Max Druckers statement about employers being in a “tough spot”. Explain the two risks that employers face.

5. Discuss the implications of these three myths. In detail.


If you can’t sell green IT as a concept to management, identify a way to package and present the concept. This presentation may helpLink (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

  • Make a slide deck of your own using Microsoft PowerPoint to package and present how YOU would sell Green IT to management.
  • Attach .ppt file to this question.


On page 436, answer the 9 questions under the Questions for Discussion & Review.

Include each answer and response in your response to this question.

Type the Question in bold, and your response NOT in bold.

1. What is the relationship between GHG emissions and global warming?

My response is not typed in bold, but it is very thought provoking and awesome.


Select a data set of your choice and perform a detailed analysis on the data that you select.

You can pick any set of data that you wish to use, if you do not have a set of data in mind, you can utilize one of these. Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

  • Acquire a set of data. Either download in a CSV or .XLS format, or copy and past the data from a table presented on a website. The above link provides many different types of data sets.
  • In excel, perform an analysis of the data. Utilize pivot tables, charts, tables, formatting, highlighting, etc. What ever you are the most comfortable using.
  • Create a new tab as the first tab of your spreadsheet and insert a text box.
  • In the text box, fully explain the following
    • Why you selected the data you did.
    • Where you obtained the data from (website URL)
    • What your analysis discovered.
    • Why your findings are significant.
    • Attach complete .xls file to this question.

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