Islamic Discourse in Social Media-Saudi Arabia –

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Islamic Discourse in Social Media-Saudi Arabia
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Islamic Discourse in Social Media
PP1 (first year PhD) assessment format:
• Table of contents with page numbers
• Brief rationale for undertaking this research study (suggest no more than two pages)
• One or more well-developed sections from the Literature Review chapter
• 2 selected to demonstrate how this research study relates to a wider body of knowledge (suggest no more than 3000 words)
• Short statement listing other planned sections within the literature review chapter.
• Succinct description of the research study plan (suggest no more than 2000 words
• Good first draft of those sections of the ‘Methodology and Methods’ chapter of the thesis that can be completed at this stage of the research study (suggest no more than 4000 words . This is the most important part of the PP1 document and will be heavily weighted in the PP1 assessment.
• List of references in a standard bibliographic format, appropriate to the discipline
1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Framework/ Theory (focusing on concepts of “audience”, and media and religion) thesis will not look at the concept of “social media” as such but at the concept of media audience, so the focal concepts are: media, religion, and audience
3. Background (about media in Saudi Arabia including the use of social media)
4. Lit review of similar studies (about Arab audiences in general and about religion and media too)
• Use some Arabic study References
• Focus about Arab audiences
• Research Gap
5. . Methodology (explaining the framework you are using and the tools (qualitative study )(interviews) and why you will spread your data across sites)
• Why I chose 45 Saudi university students in the main cities of Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah respectively by the use of audience analysis?
• Why I chose 5 Muslim Saudi clerics who use social media?

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