Is This How Discrimination Ends Response Paper

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please write a 1 page (2 paragraphs) response paper about the article “Is This How Discrimination Ends?” the link to the article is below…

the paper should be two paragraphs long (a paragraph is a minimum of 4-5 sentences). Each paragraph will answer one of the questions below. Write out the question and then answer it.

1. What is the article’s main thesis or main argument?

2. Who or what is the author arguing against? What are those people saying/what is the argument the author is refuting?

3. What evidence does the author use to make his or her argument?

4. Are you persuaded by the evidence? Why or why not? What kinds of evidence would you prefer or what additional evidence would it take to persuade you?

5. What do you still want to know? What unresolved issues and unanswered questions do you still have, or does this article raise? What were you unclear about?

6. What do you take away from the article? What is the most interesting aspect of this article for you?

7. How does this article relate to concepts discussed in this class or other class readings (including the textbook readings)?

8. What are some class discussion questions you can formulate based on this reading?

9. Did you relate to this reading personally? Did this reading help you to understand an aspect of how the concept of race has impacted your life or the life of someone you know?

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