Irvine Valley College Bone Structure Questionnaire

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I need help with a Biology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  1. What gives bones their strength?
  2. Which cells build/generate new bone tissue?
  3. How do osteoclasts break down the bone?
  4. The reasons astronauts must constantly exercise in orbit is due to?
  5. In order for bones to be strong enough to carry weight, for instance, what do they need to experience during their growth process?
  6. Briefly explain Wolf’s Law. Why is it so important to understand changes that happen in astronauts’ bones in space?
  7. As the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering expands, we grow more and more types of living tissues in the labs. What effect is this going to have on the way we receive medical treatment and the way we see our bodies?

please watch the video first to answer these questions.

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