irst analyze your writing and experience in this class:

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First analyze your writing and experience in this class:

  1. Look through your weekly papers from the start of class to the present week. Look over your early drafts and thoughtfully compare them to the final papers you have produced in this class.What, if any, are the differences you see when you look at Format, Basic Writing, Organization, and Thoughtfulness?
  2. Reflect upon how you “felt” about your writing at the start of the semester, and compare that to how you “feel” about your writing now? Is there any difference in your feelings? Do you see yourself any differently as a writer? How, if so?
  3. Think about the writing you are doing for other classes: papers, written tests and quizzes, and written homework assignments. and even online writing on Blackboard and Discussions. Do you see any improvement in the writing (and grades, maybe) in the work you are producing for other classes?

After analyzing, write a response that first summarizes your findings from your analysis, and then identifies what you believe to be the most important thing you have learned in this class (and why).

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