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Claim: If I am an intercultural communication scholar, my favorite perspective would be critical perspective.

Rule/Definition: In Bradford Hall’s (2005) reading about critical perspective, the quote of “Knowledge is power” comes to mind. “The centering term [for critical perspective] is power” (Hall, 2005, p.306). The actual definition of critical perspective is

As a critical communication scholar, I would seek out any kind of injustice or imbalance within my society and use my knowledge to focus on educating the members of my community. By exposing how power “imbalances are created and maintained, these scholars provide a critique of society” (Hall, 2005, p. 306).

Example: Among the musician, the soldier, and the golfer, my favorite perspective (critical perspective) is more relevant to the soldier. It is clearly stated by Hall that this representation is not used because critical researchers are fond of the military, but because the discourse of those writing and working on this perspective is filled with terms and metaphors that suggest that they are in the middle of some kind of battle or a struggle. He states that sometimes things that are seen as oppressive, like in this case war and the military in general, are seen as the enemy in some ways (Hall, 2005, p. 305).

Explanation: In this particular case, the soldier in the story wants to help the members of the community to “recognize what is being done to them (Hall, 2005, 301) which is a great example of enlightenment. He wants to show the members of the community what is happening to them, he wants them to realize it. According to Hall, any group or thing that influences culture or our way of life is powerful. “Culture from this critical perspective, then, is a point of conflict or struggle and a very important battleground” (Hall, 2005, p. 307). The essential step of “winning” the culture wars in order to maintain the opportunities that these researchers believe should be held by all groups must be completed. In addition to that, after the researchers have done their research and prove that people are indeed being oppressed, they can finally grow and move on.

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