Impact of Monetary Drivers on a Global Firm

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You practiced with SWOT in the Learning Activity and now you will apply your understanding of this type of analysis to analyze a company’s SWOT. Access the Library under “Academic Tools.” Once there, enter “Papa John’s SWOT” in the Library’s Search Keyword box. Then select the SWOT Analysis to read about this global foods organization. You will select the PDF icon to open the document.

Be sure to save the Reference List and citation information from this SWOT that you will need in your paper. Based on your understanding of your Chapter 1, 10, and 11 readings and your understanding of this SWOT analysis, explain the following:


  • How have declining trade and investment barriers likely impacted this business’ globalization?
  • How has technological change likely impacted this business’ globalization?
  • What impact does currency fluctuation have on product price across Papa John’s global operations?

Respond in a minimum 350-word informativeessay in APA formatandcitation style with a separate title and reference page and be properly cited. Label your file as:

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