I want you to compare and contrast Judaism and Christianity. To do this explain three ways they are similar and three ways they are different?

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For this discussion, I want you to compare and contrast Judaism and Christianity. To do this explain three ways they are similar and three ways they are different. I want you to be sure and be totally neutral in this comparison. I don’t want you to argue that one or the other religion is better or worse than the other one. Don’t take a side. Just explain them.

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Reply to at least one other student (in a positive and respectful way)

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Judaism teaches man’s sin is an action and a word problem. Christianity teaches that sin is a heart problem.
On the other hand, Jewish think that Judaism teaches that sin is a heart problem and that your actions and words are proof of what is in your heart. people don’t need JC to reveal some inner wisdom that Jews supposedly missed. Every moral teaching in the gospels is a word for word copied from the rabbinic teaching. The only unique ideas that ever had were the times when the gospels reveal him acting in what you call sin – something he did on many occasions. What separates Christianity from Judaism? Jesus Christ, which is the very foundation of our faith in whom we find salvation Basically all the people believe what they have taught since early age it’s very difficult to change afterward so what are we talking about? Jews do not possess the father because they reject the son! Jesus said this! Jesus also said you are either for me or against me! Jesus the Christ historically existed, historically claimed he is God, historically was crucified, historically died on the cross and Historically Rose from the dead. Maltelaurids2007 I feel it too. But God is letting him have his moment so his power can be greatly shown. I’ve watched a number of Jews who investigated who Jesus was in Isaiah and other recognized Jewish scripture and came to the conclusion that Jesus fulfilled scripture and was exactly who He claimed to be. I balled my eyes out each time when they accepted Christ Jesus as their savior, and I am not an outwardly emotional man. I pray that many Jews, Islamists, Hindus, Buddhist, and Lukewarm Christians fully see as the veil is lifted and come to Christ Jesus. AmenI really put some solid facts there. It is true the morals are pretty much the same, for it’s the same God. Jesus really doesn’t deny the Old Testament. And Ben is right, He draws from the late prophets in much. But the pastor got the point. The difference is not exactly at the morals but who is Jesus. by the Holy Spirit, God is amazing. that the Lord may have compassion for him, that his veil will be lifted and that he may be a blessing for his brothers and sisters of the nation of Israel! Jew people defend that Judaism is the way to God. He was tripping over his words. They believe that they know how to defend the faith.

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