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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software that integrates all business process management tools to organize and manage information of an organization. By integrating information from different branches of an enterprise into one comprehensive system, organizations will have the ability to access data based on business requirements. This not only streamlines the business processes, but also provides solutions to real-time issues thereby increasing productivity and operational efficiency of the entity. With ERP, businesses can automate daily tasks, track data, use real time information anytime, access the needed data anywhere, identify issues beforehand, and engage in data driven negotiations and decisions. Different organizational departments such as finance, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources and order processing can maximize the benefits of this software to customize and automate their daily business processes.

Advantages of using ERP:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: ERP addresses issues with manual processing of repetitive tasks by automating them to save time, energy and money. This will provide opportunities to work on new ideas and will drive the organization in the path of growth.
  • Security of data: ERP systems are designed to have secure firewalls, encryptions, multi- factor authentications to protect confidential information and data from data attacks and breaches.
  • Easy Reporting: ERP provides options to customize data according to business need and gives the ability to compare and analyze data from different departments by limiting laborious manual processes. Enhanced automated reporting can help when working on complex data requests and issues.
  • Improved flexibility: Every organization is different. Based on the organizations industry, ERP systems can be developed to cater to the needs of that specific enterprise thereby promoting growth, adaptability and flexibility.

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