I need to a paragraph 400 words for the questions

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Question:Opening Case: Best Buy and eBay in China

QUESTION 1: Reflect on the changes in China. Can the country continue to be a manufacturing floor for the rest of the world as more Chinese move up in their income categories? What are the implications of the country’s incredible growth?

QUESTION 2: What can other companies that are considering investing in China learn from the experiences of Best Buy and eBay?

Closing Case: World Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE

QUESTION 1: What forces shaped the culture of UAE and Dubai in particular? How similar or different are these forces from those that shaped the culture of Western nations?

QUESTION 2: What kinds of misunderstanding, if any, are likely to arise between Western-based visitors and people from the UAE during World Expo 2020?

QUESTION 3: If you were in a position to advise a Western company that was considering doing business in UAE for the first time, what would your advice b

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