​I need someone read the posts of three members​ ,Then respond to the posts of three members with at least 75 words,

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I need someone read the posts of three members ,Then respond to the posts of three members of your discussion group with at least 75 words, Your responses should explain things you agree or disagree with, or new thoughts you have based on the person’s original post.

We have learned a lot about Mother Teresa in class. We learned how she spent many years of her life trying to help poor people. We learned that Mother Teresa believed in God as it was the reason that lead her to help others! Thus, she felt God’s presence.

After reading the article,”The Crisis of faith,” and “The Dogmatic Doubter,” My opinion did not change toward Mother Teresa at all. Reading this article makes the reader wonder why would mother Teresa not feel God’s presence. In class, we learned that she loved God, she felt God’s presence because God was her guide to help people and do good. Therefore, the article did not change my opinion at all about her because all her actions/the good things she has done proves that she felt God’s presence around her. Moreover, in “The Dogmatic Doubter,” I felt a little annoyed. It felt like the writer did not focus on how Mother Teresa did a lot of wonderful things, such as providing love, care, and compassion to poor people who needed that. The writer did not focus a lot on the positive things she has done in her life, and how much effort and time she gave others to give them better lives. Again, this article did not change my opinion towards her because I knew how she was a positive and caring person by seeing all the great things she has done for poor people.

Learning about her faith crisis does not make me look more negatively nor more positively towards her. My opinion is still the same. From what I learned in class, I know she is a good person who believes in God and feels God’s presence. It’s normal for people to wrestle, struggle and question things in life, but it does not mean they don’t feel about God’s presence and this is what I think about Mother Teresa. She believes and feels God’s presence.

Read the posts of three members ,Then respond with at least 75 words


After reading these article about Mother Teresa my opinion of her did not change. Watching both movies helped me understand what she went through and how hard she had to work to help the people that needed it most. Not being able to feel the presence of God for 40 years is challenging and is not something that I will judge mother Teresa for. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why we pray and don’t really feel that God is present to help us or understand us but that should not prevent you from doing what you have to do to become a better person and help others. I believe that Hitchens is criticizing Mother Teresa because he can not understand how someone can go that much without feeling his presence. Mother Teresa felt when God called her to help the poor and she did everything in her power to help which is why I can not judge her and think of her in any other way than a person who loved and worship God by helping those that God helped as well.

Read the posts of three members ,Then respond with at least 75 words



As we learned about Mother Teresa from the videos that we saw in class, I don’t find that these articles have presented any facts to me that would change the way I think about Mother Theresa. I understand that the concepts of the bible don’t depict anything similar to the words that these articles present about Mother Theresa. The crisis of faith that Mother Theresa did endure is just as any human on earth of sin. As per this statement from the article, “Both Kolodiejchuk and Martin assume that Teresa’s inability to perceive Christ in her life did not mean he wasn’t there. In fact, they see his absence as part of the divine gift that enabled her to do great work” (Biema, 2007), relates back to how human she was and that her statements and comments weren’t specifically directed as being there is no God but that she just did not feel his presence. Which I believe all humans do at some point in their lives begin doubting as she did but then reality hits and we understand that there is a greater divine.

Read the posts of three members ,Then respond with at least 75 words

This my article

Mother Teresa Crisis of Faith

Reading the articles and learning about Mother Teresa’s crisis of faith has not changed my opinion towards her.,I fully understand that there comes a time in human life when challenges can be overwhelming and can distract a person’s faith. People undergo challenges that might cause significant gaps in their faith. It is therefore important to understand the challenges that others went through and learn from them instead of judging them by the action. Learning about mother Teresa’s crisis of faith makes me perceive her more positively. I perceive Mother Teresa more positively because despite the challenges that she faced she was still able to overcome them and leave behind a good name that is still adored and respected by many people to date. The allegations regarding Mother Teresa’s crisis of faith are also made by atheists such as Christopher Hitchens. Therefore, they are not sufficient for making negative conclusions about Mother Teresa. Looking at the knowledge about Mother Teresa’s Crisis of faith with a deeper religious insight enables one to look at her more positively. The positive perception is because the challenges reflect that great religious figures have to pass through on earth.

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