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BCJ 2501

My classmate wrote this and Ihave to comment on it

Identity theft affects many emotions and societal aspects. We spend years building our trust worthiness which we also tie to our self worth because of the effort we’ve put into it. Additionally there are the direct financial (loss of deposited funds, charges on new credit cards, etc) as well as the indirect financial costs (time spent correcting the theft, increased interest rates, close of previously open opportunities). This doesn’t take into account the hidden costs associated with protecting individuals from identity theft that companies spend and then pass along to consumers of their products.

Identify theft is not like a theft of opportunity such as shoplifting which has a vague personal aspect of a company and a very personal aspect of getting the desired property. Identity theft has an aspect of maliciousness to it because the suspect actively knows which individual they are hurting and this aspect makes the property aspect pail in comparison.

When it comes to theft I view it in light of high school geometry’s transitive property. That property states if A=B and B=C then A=C. If we trade our time or life(A) commodity for money(B) and reputation(B) then when some one steals (C) that money they are stealing our life or time. To me theft is a slower form of murder and hence should have what society today would consider an extreme punishment.

I would like to see the consequences of identity theft be so severe as to be an actual deterrent. I’ll leave the details of which to your imagination.

On a personal note I take what I consider normal steps to protect my identity. I use an EIN for banking instead of an SSN. I use credit cards for all transactions to avoid the problems associated with debit cards. I obfuscate online foot prints actively by using different emails and names on various websites. I still go to the bank to pay most of my bills. I use prepaid visa cards for online purchases. I pick pass phrases rather than pass words. I shred credit card offers and throw them away over multiple weeks in multiple trashcans at work and home. This makes my life more complex to some outside observers but I have yet to have my identity stolen and it has become part of my routine.

My professor wrote this and I have to comment on it BCJ 2501

Thank you for you fact filled post. Please be sure to include the source from which information was obtained. It can be beneficial for later assignments. Also, when we discuss identity theft, the only level most consider are the one when money is the stolen item. What is your opinion regarding the theft of identities when services or rights are stolen. Personal example: When I was in college it was very common for us to share our driver’s license and bank cards with friends for whatever reason. My “friend” never took money or used my bank card fraudulently, but she did with my license. She memorized by drivers number and when pulled over for a violation issued my name, date of birth, and license number. Of course, I was not aware of this until I went through a license check and learned I has warrants for unpaid tickets and failure to appear. It tooks months for me to figure out what transpired and to rectify the problems. What do think and what should have happened to her?

BCJ 2201:

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it:

I am torn with juvenile waivers, I do believe they should be granted in special circumstances depending on all the facts, evidence, proof of intent and not being coercion. For instance, we had a case where a juvenile committed carjacking with a firearm and murder the individual he carjacked. The incident was all over the media and the media was allowed to attend the closed door hearing. Both sides, presented their argument before the Judge presiding. However, observing the juvenile in the courtroom, he looked confused, not understanding the waiver, that he was being charged as an adult, the victim was pronounced dead later. The prosecutors filed a petition to charge him as an adult, once that happens the juvenile is transferred to the adult jail, however, they have a facility connected to hold the juveniles and not mix them in with the adults. The juvenile was convicted waived over and charged as an adult, he remain in a juvenile facility until he reached the age of 21, then he was transferred over to the adult jail facility. It was hard for both sides, the victim’s family, and the juvenile family. He should have been in this situation. We had another case with a juvenile who burn down a boat house, the only remains was the foundation, it was horrible, the good thing was the boat house was empty at the time, however, he caused major damage over $100,000, the juvenile had no remorse and did not apologize for committing the act. The victims did not even know the juvenile at all, the court did not give him a juvenile waiver, I think he should have been in this case. The parents had to suffer with this huge debt, the court issued a lien on all of their possessions, and pay restitution to the victims. No I don’t know of any they should have not been waivered. Honestly I am not sure how the state lawmakers create and implement their guidelines or laws for juvenile delinquents whether it’s misdemeanor or felony charges. I believe all states should at least be on the same page with juvenile delinquency laws, some states are more lenient than others when charging juveniles with crimes. I believe in rehabilitation programs for short-term and long-term care; prevention programs; law enforcement courses to help assist them to be productive citizens in society and enhance their future in a positive manner.

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