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in just (100) words i need someone to reply to the following paragraphs :

1-I think the most pressing issue is climate change because the most significant consequences of climate change are rising sea levels, worsening air quality, longer and more frequent droughts. These will change our biosphere and intensify the contradictions of mankind. The adverse effects of global warming on human health. Climate change is a big problem. If even the ecological environment can not be controlled, how to develop the economy, that there are places for human survival. I think the issue of climate needs publicity from the United Nations. We should fully understand the importance and urgency of tackling climate change. Climate change caused by high temperature, sea level rise, extreme weather and climate events, and so on, has a serious impact on the natural ecosystem and human living environment. This is by no means a personal matter. It is a matter of everyone in the world. People should use less cars, hot weather and less air conditioning to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Be careful to turn off the lights. Use energy-efficient bulbs. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 400 million tons of carbon dioxide could be saved by simply replacing conventional light bulbs with efficient, energy-efficient ones. Reducing the recycling of materials by recycling can reduce the number of new raw materials produced and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

2-While all of these issues are of the utmost importance, I believe terrorism impacts the world the most because there are various types ranging from international to domestic threats ISIS being the largest threat around the world including their home countries. Everyone in the United States knows of the attacks on 9/11 which caused major discussion in society and in politics about the threat of terrorism and how it can really hit home when it was never a thought that crossed anyone’s mind. But while most think of international terrorism and the attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon, domestic terrorism plays a large part as well. For example, in August of 2017, a man drove his car straight into a group of people who gathered to protest a white nationalist rally. With intent to harm, killing one and injuring almost twenty others, this act would be considered domestic terrorism. Terrorism should be addressed by both state governments as well as national leaders in places like the United Nations. State governments such as in the United States should be aware of threats and should have plans set in place when an attack does occur to help calm and ensure something will be done to catch those who committed the attacks like the Boston bombings while national governments should work together to suppress threats like ISIS from spreading the fear they cause.

3-he most pressing issues to me would be world healthcare, climate change, and world poverty/hunger. I think they’re the most pressing because they have a hand in ensuring our long term survival. There won’t be much left if large portions of the world’s population get sick because they don’t have access to good healthcare and proper nutrition. There won’t be much left of the planet if everyone (corporations INCLUDED) keep polluting in the amounts that they do. Climate change exists. That has been proven by science, and rather than arguing whether or not it does, we should be taking steps to fix it, and then let the results speak for themselves. Not everyone has access to affordable healthcare, let alone GOOD healthcare. People are going hungry even in the most developed nations. These issues need to be addressed in a united way. If the United Nations were more effective, it could be them, but each country has to make a conscious effort, so that there will be a place for future generations that isn’t being quickly eroded away, covered by trash, or has large portions of the world’s population going hungry and/or in poor health because they don’t have access to the things that they need to survive.

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