I need help in writing essay about legalizing Marijuana

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I need help in writing essay on legalizing marijuana. i need free plagiarism 10 pages (excluding references and title page).

Don’t forget to follow the structure that is included in the file. Otherwise, the instructor does not grade the assignment. I have attached the file with all four articles so you can get access to them easily instead of going to look for them on the internet. Let me know if you need any further details.

Documented Argument

Context and Purpose: Write a persuasive, argumentative essay about a controversial issue. Your topic is why marijuana should be illegal (against legalizing marijuana). You should provide a context that compels you to write with a clear purpose to persuade a particular audience to adopt your viewpoint and take action according to the motives you present. If you cannot find a diversity of reputable opinions about the issue, then it is not controversial. If you are not sure what to do. In your final draft, you will need to take a stand and argue for it, but keep in mind that your argument can be more complicated than “pro” or “con” positions.

Audience: As part of your persuasive, argumentative essay, you will need to select an appropriate target audience. Your audience should consist of people who will not automatically see the same context you do, i.e., they do not already agree with your argument. You should try to persuade skeptical readers, not confirm readers’ existing opinions.

Research: You will need to conduct research for this essay. Your research should be part of a sincere, open-minded attempt to understand your issue more thoroughly—its context and the various positions other researchers have taken on it. In other words, it is not acceptable just to hunt for sources that support and justify your viewpoint. Research Requirements—four current and reputable sources: one source that expresses opposing viewpoints and two scholarly articles.

Presence: Be in control of your own essay. Your thoughts and words should dominate. Do not merely assemble a bunch of quotations and hide behind them. The sources you quote should support your own “voice,” not replace it.

Style: Write in a style that is appropriate for your audience. Your style will most likely be formal, and you will need to follow basic conventions—e.g., a clear thesis and a rational tone.

Rhetorical Appeals: Now it is time to practice and develop your own rhetorical strategies. Once again, how you choose to employ the appeals and strategies will depend on your audience, purpose, and context. In any case, you will need to establish an ethos in your text that invites an audience to listen to your logos, and that evokes pathos sufficient to sway them to adopt your viewpoint.

Length and Format: Ten pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. with one-inch margins, using MLA documentation (in-text citations and a Works Cited).

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