I need a 6 page analysis research paper on the book Metamorphosis written by Friday 11:59 Pm (11/30/18)

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Write an analysis on The Metamorphosis by applying a physical or mental illness to Gregor: Bipolar Disorder


How does Gregor remind you of how broken and/or sick people are treated in society, such as: AIDS patients/old people/cancer patients/drug addicts/homeless/that strange boy in grade school who eats crayons. How does his family, the manager and the three roomers treat him as such?

In your research use medical and/or psychology journals to help define Gregor’s diagnosis.

The paper must be thesis driven.

*6-8 pages, MLA style with works cited page.

* Two outside sources from our library (use psychology or health journals on your disease).

* You must use quotes from the book itself in the paper.

Use these 3 sources from the library database below




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