I need 3 peer responses about the growing of a business

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#1) In my own words and from an organizational standpoint mission, vision, goals, and values mean creating a big vision of what you want to achieve, giving a general statement of how you will achieve it, and how you will behave through the process. A practical purpose of organizational values depends on the employees of the organization, their personal beliefs and what they consider of an appropriate behavior. “Achieving organizational integrity involves a commitment to achieve a strong alignment between the stated mission/values statements and decision making and behaviors at all levels of the system” (Silverman, 2000). An organization will face many new challenges that they must keep up with to be successful. With changes implementing internal and external environmental scanning is important and has given efforts to identifying those changes that are happening within and outside the organization. Organizations can contribute to strategic direction by implementing an approach to measure progress toward set goals, accomplishments, and recognizing the ideals that are listed in the mission statement. If I were a department manager I would implement and sustain the organizational mission by having a well-designed strategic plan that will first be discussed and developed amongst any other leaders and employees of the organization. All of our thoughts and suggestions will be provided for decision making. With a successful outcome this can make us a strong established team as well as improve the flow of the business.


Silverman, H.J. (2000). Organizational ethics in healthcare organizations: Proactively managing the ethical climate to ensure organizational integrity. HEC Forum 12 (3).

Juanell Seward



 The four fundamental ways for a business to grow its revenues and profits are:

  1. Acquiring more of the customers who are right for your organization.

  2. Increase the frequency of transactions

  3. Find ways to increase the value of each transaction

  4. Increase the effectiveness of each process in your organization. (Bartolomei & Pucciarelli, 2012)

These carry over a bit differently in a HSO. If the organization treats primarily children and adolescents, then you want to target the parents who make their children’s healthcare decisions to get more customers in the door. To raise the frequency of transactions, the organization should emphasize preventative care and well child appointments. Finding ways to make each process that the consumer goes through more effective can be time saving and enhance the experience for the consumer. The use of electronic medical records in offices can help with check in and keeping everything organized.

A rewards system that I would put into place as part of the operations and budget planning process would be an incentive program for “Employees of the Month”, that included paid time off and possibly gift cards for certain employees voted for by other employees for their embodiment of organizational goals and policies. My rationale for this system is that competitions such as this are a fun way to get employees motivated and make the consumers’ experience better.


Bartolomei & Pucciarelli, LLC. (2012).” Did You Know There Are Just 4 Ways To Grow Your Business?” Retrieved from http://www.bp-cpas.com/4ways.htm




While searching for information I came across this ” the first way is by expanding visibility in the market (Wilson P. &Bates, 2003). Meaning that you have to get your name out there, so people know you exist. An example of this would be advertisement. Next you have to and want to increase your conversions rate of possible customers to actual customers. By this I mean people don’t just need to care about you they also need to come to you as well. The third way to increase revenues and profit will be too increase revenue per unit sales. ( Wilson P &Bates 2003). Ways to do so would be to, reduce costs or service packages and cross-selling. Lastly you want to keep those old customers coming back. By this you are able to maintain the great growth that you work so hard for. Overall I would like to add that budgeting is also very beneficial. You want to make sure that you’re not putting out, more than you’re bringing in. As far as reward systems I think that bonuses would be good. When I used to work at Sprint, we will get bonus checks for having a certain amount of good feedback from customers. Because of the bonuses we knew we could obtain, the staff and I work diligently for our bonus checks. Another good reward system would be giving out gift cards to those who meet the standards, or goals.


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