Human service ethics M5 Discussion 2: Community-Based Counseling Prorgrams

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Another area of the human service field involves community agencies and services they provide. In this module, we will explore the ethical issues which arise when delivering human services in a community setting. We will consider when is meant by social justice, and how this relates to ethics and the delivery of human services.

Main Response

For this discussion, we will explore some of the features of these programs. Develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • Identify and describe the four main activities that comprise a community-counseling program. How do these activities separate this type of program from regular group therapy?
  • Summarize the concept of social justice. It has been referred to as an additional force that moves the focus beyond the individual, and represents a proactive approach to advocacy and facilitating social change.
  • In your view, why is this concept so important? What can individuals gain from this type of approach?

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