Human Resources Case 4

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Assignment Overview

View the short video and the case study descriptions before starting your assignment:

National Federation of Independent Business. (2015). Understanding Employment at Will | NFIB Legal Ease. Retrieved from

Case Study:

Patti recently started working for Empire Hospital in the
claims/billing department. Her duties included preparing and submitting
Medicare/Medicaid claims for payment. Shortly after being hired Patti
noticed there were numerous irregularities which were potentially
illegal billings to Medicare. When she raised the issue to her
supervisor Eric, she was terminated. Patti inquired as to the reason and
was told that according to the staff handbook all employees are hired
“At Will”; thus, no reason or notice was needed for her termination.

Case Assignment

In a 3- to 4-page paper respond to the following:

  1. What is “AT WILL” employment?
  2. Are there any exceptions to “AT WILL” employment?
  3. As the director of HR for Golden Hospital what concerns would you have over Patti’s termination?
  4. Who should be notified about her termination? Why?

How would you handle the situation with her supervisor, Eric?

Assignment Expectations

  1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your position and answers to the questions.
  2. Limit your response to a maximum of 4 pages.
  3. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.
  4. Support your case with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3-4
    references. Use the following link for additional information on how to
    recognize peer-reviewed journals:
  5. You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment:

    Required Reading

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