Human Development and the Process of Learning, writing homework help

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Our working memory is a
significant component to learning new information. Working memory is
complex as it encompasses many areas of the brain. It is oftentimes
considered a central executive, a phonological loop, a visiospatial
sketchpad, and an episodic buffer (Willis & Mitchell, 2014). Discuss
the process of working memory including the areas of the brain
associated with short-term memory and encoding. Then explain two
techniques you can use in your professional practice that would help
improve and strengthen short-term memory. In addition to the Willis and
Mitchell (2014) textbook, Chapter 9 of the Wolfe (2010) book may also be
useful. As indicated in the recommended resources for this week, the
Wolfe text is available from ebrary in the Ashford Library.

Chapter 5 will be attached

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