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You will create a research paper for this course. You will construct the paper in parts beginning with the title page and a discussion of a rationale for the topic.

Title Page

The Final Paper requires a current APA-formatted title page. The title page must include the required components such as the running head, header, and page number inside the top margin. Other required information in this course is the title of the paper, student name, and institutional affiliation.

Topic Rationale

Select a topic for further research. The list of potential topics below might be helpful as you begin to narrow your focus. Discuss the relevance of the selected topic to multicultural counseling. Be sure to narrow in on a particular aspect of multicultural counseling. For instance, if “Multicultural Spirituality” is the topic selected, be sure to narrow down what aspect of multicultural spirituality is of most interest. A narrow topic for a paper in this course with the focus on multicultural spirituality might be “Applying Muslim A

Broad Topics

Crisis Counseling

Social Justice and Counseling


Multicultural Spirituality

Multicultural Therapeutic Techniques

Counseling Interracial Couples and Families

Blended Family Counseling

Counseling Clients with Disabilities

Gender Identity/Sexuality

Narrative Therapy

Immigration & Acculturation Family Dynamics

Ethical Issues in Multicultural Counseling

Addictions Counseling

Grief Counseling

Counseling Children

The topic rationale should answer the following questions:

1. What is the topic of this paper?

2. Why did you select this topic?

3. How does this topic apply in multicultural counseling?


Submit the title page and topic rationale as a single WORD document.

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

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