How have security threats and catastrophic events in the US change public policies? MUST have textbook by DYE.

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In essay format, provide well-developed responses to the following questions:

How have security threats been treated historically, in the U.S.? Give examples to explain your claims.

Next, consider that catastrophic events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have caused significant changes to security policies.

How did these events and their consequent impacts on public policy affect intergovernmental relations across the U.S.?

How do some of these changes continue to manifest today?Don’t provide separate answers to the questions. Instead, develop a unified essay based on a unique claim or observation that serves as your unifying idea – the main point, or thesis, of your essay. Use the questions to guide your thinking toward a thesis. Your answers to the questions should then function as supporting points for your thesis. In developing your answers to the questions, provide evidence or examples with explanations that support and refer to your essay’s main, unifying idea.


Papers should:

  • be completed in essay format, typed/word-processed, single-spaced, 12-point font, 3-4 pages each,
  • apply acceptable standards of college-level writing style, grammar, punctuation usage, and spelling,
  • demonstrate depth of analysis in the application and integration of material covered in the module,
  • be compliant with APA citation and format style

MUST use Understanding public policy textbook by Thomas R. DYE (15th edition) in citations.

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