How Do I Prepare for the Future

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Chapter 7: How Do I Prepare for the Future?

The final chapter of your treatise will serve as a summation of how you view the future of the field of management and the role you intend to play as a manager. As you develop this chapter, consider where you currently are in your career, the career path you envision for yourself, and how you plan to pursue it. This focus will help ensure you are growing and evolving as a manager and staying current with societal changes, needs, and expectations.

Note: I am presently a Project Manager I work for the School Construction Authority (SCA) my dream is also to complete my Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)along with my Certified Construction Manager (CCM) and later complete my P.E. license Professional Engineering license.

For this chapter answer and address the following topics.

  • What do you dream of accomplishing during your career?
    • Where and how do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?
    • What goals can you set now to help prepare you to be successful? How will you develop and grow your skill set to achieve this goal?
    • How will you ensure you reach your goals and address your priorities?
  • Create a plan for personal and professional growth. Support your plan with references in order to display a concrete/comprehensive strategy for progress.
    • What plan do you have for continual learning and personal improvement?
    • Does your plan include seeking mentorship? If so, what will you look for in a mentor?
  • How will you prepare yourself to be an agent of positive social change? What role does social change play in plans for your future in management?
    • What challenges will you face and how will you be an instrument of change?

This chapter should be from 5-7 pages with at least 4 references.


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