How are the 3 Theoretical Perspectives Guiding this Social Program

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Written Assignment 3 — How are the 3 Theoretical Perspectives Guiding this Social Program?

No cover sheet or name needed, 3 pages, 1 inch margins all around, 12 point font, double spaced, pages numbered. Include a Works Cited page. This can count toward your 3-page minimum.

Here are the details of a specific social policy:

Watch the 6 minute video found by scrolling about halfway down the website.

OR use this social policy instead:…

Write an essay identifying from which one of the three major perspectives (functionalism, conflict, or symbolic interaction) this program seems to draw most of its basis and major assumptions. In other words, which perspective seems to be primarily guiding this program? Ch. 6 in the Ritzer book may be helpful to review.

Write two more paragraphs in which you explore how the social problems behind this program would be addressed and interpreted by each of the other two major theoretical perspectives. For instance, if you determine that the program is primarily guided by ideas from the functionalist perspective, then you would address how the conflict and symbolic interaction perspectives would address these problems.

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