Homework – The Hate U Give

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This is an assignment about the Hate U Give as well as a secondary source. The secondary source that was allowed is attached at the bottom. I also attached the article to answer question 4. Question 3 is in direct regards to a chapter of your choice in The Hate U Give. Question 2 is about the first article attached below (in other words Sykes not Pushout).

  1. A correct MLA or APA reference for your chosen article. (add this to Tuesday’s assignment.)
  2. In 5-7 sentences, sum up the main points/overall arguments that the article is making—i.e. summarize the article itself as a whole. Before you start writing the summary, read the entire article and decide which pieces of information/arguments are the most essential for understanding this text. (some of these articles are tough to read and you may not understand every detail, but do your best to understand the overall big ideas.)
  3. Copy three quotations from the chapter (citing them correctly) that you think might be useful for your paper and, for each quotation, explain in 2-3 sentences why you think that passage is significant or meaningful and what you think it is saying.

4. Given your plans for Paper 3, do you think this source or the chapter from Pushout will be more useful for your paper? Explain why.

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