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For Alternative Exam #2 for those who cannot use Lockdown Browser
HIST 1302
Dr. Baker
This is a take-home essay exam replacing exam #2, for those who are unable to use
the Respondus Lockdown Browser software. While you may prepare in advance by
studying and writing an outline for use during the exam, you should limit your actual
essay to what you are able to write in one hour (just as if you were in a classroom
taking a bluebook exam).
The essay exam needs to be submitted via Turn-it-in on Blackboard. Please, do not use
any direct quotations from any source or the textbook. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS
to avoid any question of plagiarism. Essay exams that appear to be plagiarized will
earn a grade of 10/100 for not following directions.

How did the US change from the period 1890 to the 1920s? Were the changes
more positive than negative, or more negative than positive? Explain. (Do not
argue simply that they were both positive and negative – choose a side.)
Choose three themes from this list to include in your answer:
Issues of race (civil rights, racial discrimination)
Imperialism (empire)
Progressive Era reform
International relations (including WWI)
Discuss what you consider to be three of the most important changes in the US
during this period. In choosing the three, consider developments within the US as well
as internationally. Explain why these three changes are the most significant. Use
specific examples and details. Explain whether you think these changes were more
positive than negative, or more negative than positive.
Your essay exam should have an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.
Spelling will not count, but organization of ideas and use of specific details and
examples will count.


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