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Exploring artifacts and literature related to your site

You can see the examples of my fellow classmates you do not need to write a lot just follow the example. However it need to be related to teaching , and tutoring math.

I found this article :…

Building from the start of your search last week, find and submit another 2 artifacts related to your practicum site. You can find inspiration from your critical reflection and/or the key words you tried out last week.

We will soon discuss more specific strategies for effective literature searches, but for now, you can use search engines you prefer. A great place to start is the UC Berkeley library websiteLinks to an external site., or for this assignment you can start with Google / Google Scholar. This time, if you found an article you liked, see what other works cite it, or see what similar articles come up. You may want to try a few more combinations of terms until you find more artifacts that spark your attention. In your next critical reflections, you’ll draw from these to help analyze and write about what you’re observing so be sure to pick ones that interest you!

These 2 artifacts can be an be from scholarly/academic sources (journal articles, book/ book chapter), a newspaper article or blog, or an online video or film clip. Ultimately, your reference list and your final proposal will only include scholarly works.

In your submission, please include the 2 citations, and 1-2 sentences under each about what brought you to include these artifacts (If you find more of interest to you – save them, you’re building your reference list!) Also, you can see from the discussion boards, what other students are posting (and start getting a sense of who may be in your research team), but please do not post an article someone else has posted (different works by the same author are fine).

You’ll use APA style in this class. It is customary to list entries alphabetically by author. If you include a film, blog, etc. you can look up APA style guides for those, but we won’t be grading on your citation style yet. Examples of book chapters:

Emerson, Robert (2001). “Four Ways to Improve the Craft of Fieldwork.” In Ethnography, Volume II. Sage Publications, London. pp. 35-49.

Ravitch, Sharon & Riggan, Matthew (2016). “Why Conceptual Frameworks?” In Ravitch, S. & Riggan, M. (Eds.). Reason and Rigor: How Conceptual Frameworks Guide Research, 2nd Edition.Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, pp. 21-34.

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