Compliance Systems & Emerging Technologies Response

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Provide (2) 150 words response with a minimum of 1 APA references for each of the discussions below. Response provided should further discuss the subject or provide more insight.


Are the security needs of small businesses different than those of a larger corporation? Please support your answers.

Security needs overall are the same for both small and large business. What may differ is the sensitivity of the data the business maintains within their systems and the damage it could cause if released into the hands of an unauthorized person or system. For example a company might be small but have a large amount of banking information and/or personal identifiable information on their customers. Then you might have a large company that maintains their customer golfing average for that course. In the end all businesses must stress the importance of C.I.A. to ensure they stay competitive and protect their consumers.


One of the major complaints regarding information security regulations is that they place an unfair burden on organizations as they are costly unfunded mandates. Do you think that it is fair for governments to require private organizations to comply with regulations that will cost them money?

WOW, tough question. Ultimately no it’s not fair, but it’s too unreasonable to expect perfect “Fairness” from the government or anyone else really. That being said, the cost of regulations can get so high that it prevents growth and development. New businesses can’t get started, and old companies can’t afford the equipment and training. That’s why it’s important for governments to dance that fine line of keeping the public safe without destroying markets and economies. If a regulation comes out that every company that processes credit cards must use this one type of encryption that is owned by one company. That one company can now charge whatever they want to use that encryption, and companies MUST pay it. That sort of regulation is extremely unethical.

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