Our selection for team members for the West Coast Transit marketing project are, Natalie, Elizabeth,

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Our selection for team members for the West Coast Transit marketing project are, Natalie, Elizabeth, Bob, Katelyn, William and Susan. Though the profiles of each candidate looked great and each offered a unique skill set, we found that these individual’s work styles, motivators and personalities would match up well and would lead to a successful completion of the project.

The six employees we chose for this project are intrinsically motivated. They like to do the work because how it makes them feel on the inside (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013) .This project being added to an already stressful work load. The motivation of the team will have to come from within. The team will also be motivated by ensuring they understand the task significance. Painting the picture of the other airlines competition and the need to do well on this project will help them gain the meaningfulness of the work. This will create a high work effectiveness. The Job Characteristic Model allows us to ensure the core job characteristic, critical psychological states, and outcomes are met (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013). The feedback mechanic will be important to understanding if our approach will work. We know that the team members are dedicated employees with varying skill sets and they will feed off of each other as they get goals and produce outcomes. The rewards can be financial for extrinsic factor. We could set a bonus or have some type of financial gain if the marketing campaign is successful. The other intrinsic reward is the satisfaction of a job well done, and many of the team members will benefit from that. A top down approach will likely not work for this group. The management team will also need to avoid negative reinforcement with this group. This approach will not work because the makeup of this team is highly functioning highly motivated staff and we do not want to take that away. Our goal is to keep this team motivated and focused on the end goal.

Summarize management team’s vision for the success of this team.

Based on what you have identified as the selected team’s particular strengths and weaknesses, which specific leadership strategies might you apply to ensure that the vision is ultimately successful? Why?

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