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Ethical Health Care Scenarios

Scenario 2: Administration of patient medications in the hospital setting

you are a new graduate nurse working nights on a busy medical unit. You
just received a new patient who needs to be admitted to your unit and
you just finished medicating a patient with a narcotic injection with a
dose greater than ordered. Clearly understanding medication errors may
lead to patient injury and even death, explain why a clinician may
choose not to report the incident.

Scenario 3: Not hiring a qualified individual because of discrimination

you are a new human resources director in a nonprofit organization and
have been pressured not to hire Middle Eastern candidates by the
organization’s CEO. In the United States, discrimination against people
based on their ethnicity, race, or cultural orientation is strictly
forbidden under federal and state laws. Ethical discrimination may
result in the breeding of ill feelings at work, as well as reduced
productivity. To eliminate these ramifications, organizations need to
put forth increased effort in curbing ethical discrimination in the
employment sector. What are some interventions organizations can put in
place to prevent discrimination?

Write a 150- to 350-word response for each ethical scenario. Include a title page with your name and your responses.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Please follow all instruction corectly

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