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Download the assignment document: ASSIGNMENT-5-ElephantConsultants.docx

Your Deliverable: a report that provides

  1. An analysis and recommendation of the location of the new warehouse in the Chicago suburbs.
    1. Use the Weighted Center-of-Gravity technique to calculate the weighted average location of the new warehouse based on the six stores locations and monthly volumes
    2. Compare this new location to the current location of the warehouse.
    3. Briefly explain your recommendation
  2. A preliminary review that analyzes the factors for the expansion location. We are not recommending which city to locate, but rather, what is needed to do a detailed analysis.
    1. what factors should to consider, what data would you need and how would you use it to decide the next city to conquer with MBBD.
    2. Be specific as possible and consider the four locations in the Midwest in your discussions.

Be sure to use APA format for any citations and references you use in the report.

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