Healthcare Delivery Systems Case 2

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Assignment Overview

A few years ago, some opined that managed care was either dead or
nearly dead. Years later, managed care seems stronger than ever, or is
it? After reading the background information, conduct additional
research and respond to the below questions.

Case Assignment

Watch the following video in preparation for this assignment:

TheMinaSara (2015). History of managed care. Retrieved from

Use what you learned from the video, the module’s required readings,
and your own research to answer the following questions in your paper.

  1. What is managed care and where did it come from?
  2. Discuss the current state of managed care in the U.S. health care system.
  3. Briefly explain some of the potential impact of health care reform initiatives on managed care in the U.S.
  4. 3 pages, 3 cited sources from required reading

  5. Required Reading

    Affordable Care Act; findings from Mayo Clinic provide new insights
    into Affordable Care Act (expected and unexpected consequences of the
    Affordable Care Act: The impact on patients and surgeons—pro and con
    arguments). (2016). Managed Care Weekly Digest, 63.
    Berenson, R. A., Burton, R. A., & McGrath, M. (2016). Do
    Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) help or hinder primary care
    physicians’ ability to deliver high-quality care? Healthcare, 4(3), 155-159.
    Hoffman, S. (2015). Managed care, the legal system, and checklist medicine. Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter, 31(6), 8.
    Managed care; researchers at American College of Physicians Report
    new data on managed care (preconsultation exchange in the United States:
    Use, awareness, and attitudes). (2015). Insurance Weekly News, 171.
    National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA); NCQA health
    insurance plan ratings—valuable tool for consumers. (2015, November 1). Health Insurance Law Weekly, p. 31.
    Owen, R., Heller, T., & Bowers, A. (2016). Health services
    appraisal and the transition to Medicaid Managed Care from fee for
    service. Disability and Health Journal, 9(2). 239-247
    Sonderling, H. (2015, September 16). ValueWalk: Could managed care
    companies help offset rising healthcare costs? [Web log post]. Newstex Global Business Blogs. Chatham: Newstex.
    Waitzkin, H., & Hellander, I. (2016). Obamacare: The neoliberal
    model comes home to roost in the United States—if we let it. Monthly Review, 68(1), 1-18.

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