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Human beings globally, need Health care systems to live a coordinated, safe and quality life. With health information technology, the field of health care services has been dramatically enhanced. This has seen milestone advancements that have made human health data confidential, accessible, efficient and less costly. Health Information Technology is the application of electronic systems by health care providers even patients to collect, share and evaluate health information.

Health Care Specialists are responsible for technical aspects regarding health details of a patient (Blumenthal, David & Tavenner, p 501-504. The information may vary from;

A) Electronic Health Records- this is responsible for keeping track of a patient’s health data and is accessible whenever a specialist requires it. It quickens the doctor’s operation when specialists need data.

B) Personal Health Records- this resembles the EHRs only that the patient or user control the information gathered. Also, it may have information on the user’s blood pressure records and the frequency of exercises.

C) Electronic Prescribing- this involves transferring your doctor’s prescription details to other specialists without having the traditional paper prescription.

D) Privacy and Security- patients’ information needs to be protected so as not to reach unauthorized persons. This enables user s to know who checked on their intelligence and when.

Through Health Information Technology, medical practitioners can feed more precise prescriptions. Thus, the patient can obtain his/ her order faster and without medical errors that may result from poor handwriting. Healthcare providers can share information regarding the patients rapidly when required and especially during transfer from one health station to another. The patients get to reduce the cost of an operation like having similar tests that you could be as a result of damaged results, minimal paperwork, especially when identical paperwork is involved.

Information is safely secured for referral and is easily accessible to either user using Health information systems. Patients and healthcare providers can conveniently follow up on their clients through reminders. Governments too can have the information especially when it is ideal for planning and effective management of state laws (Blumenthal, David & Tavenner, p501-504).

On Jackson Memorial hospital, we are using systematically electrical health Recording in all clinical and administrative activities. Cerner is ours Medical Record System.

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