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You will present the topic in the first person; as if you were the person with the STI OR if you were the person using this contraception method with your partner. Assume the class knows absolutely nothing about your topic.

In the body of your three page paper*, you will address the questions listed below. Be creative and write this as if you were on the lecture circuit sharing first-hand information to a college audience. Note the length of the paper is small (only three pages – not including title page, references and graphics/pictures). Therefore, you will be writing a fact-based paper.



Cause (bacterial/viral)

How do you use this method?

Methods of spreading (how did you get this, what are other ways…)

How does this prevention

prenancy? Be specific.


What are two unique risks?


What are two unique advantages?

How to diagnose

Is there any STI Protection?


How much does this cost?

What are current statistics regarding this?

Where can one obtain this?

How do you bring this up with a new partner?

How do you bring this up with a new partner?

*The title, reference page and graphics/images are not counted in this three page minimum. You will use at least three different references.References do not include Wikipedia, but should include your text. You will also cite your references in the body of the paper and in a reference page at the end of your paper. Use APA format. An APA reference tab is available on the Blackboard menu.There are several web sites available for you to use. Many are listed at the end of each chapter in your textbook.

Note regarding quality of final product:

  • Do not cut and paste from web sites. This is plagiarism and results in failure of the course.
  • All information should be in your own words.Maximum of one quote for this assignment.

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