Grossmont College How Evolution Happens by Natural Selection Biology Questions

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Here is the four questions Please be careful about plagiarism write your Own words . If you any question let me know Exam Questions

1. How does evolution by natural selection happen? Make sure to explain how characterisitcs change. (6 points

2. In Animals, the nervous and endocrine system coordinate and control homeostasis. Why is this important and give examples that demonstrate how both the nervous and endocrine systems are involved. (6 points)

3. Explain where energy and matter are stored in the ecosystem and how they are transferred between living things and the environment, emphasizing the similarities and differences between the fates of energy and matter. (6 points)

4. In an ecosystem, what determines whether populations of different species will increase or decrease? Make sure to explain how the interaction between species contributess to changes in population size. (6 points)

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