Good. Better. Best” model. –

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Based on the “Good. Better. Best” model. you will pick a company that reflects this model. Pick one garment that you would find at three differ
price points. but within the same company. For example: Gap Inc reflects the “good. better. best” model. You could find a basic white t-shirt at
Navy. The Gap. and Banana Republic: all three stores fall under the Gap Inc. brand. You will cost your white t-shirt from each store using the
sheet. You’ll need to do a little research to see how much a t-shirt costs at each price-point. Your cost sheet will reflect one t-shirt from each 0
stores. (You do not need to use a t-shirt for this assignment. this is just my example).
On the cost sheet there is a style summary at the top of the page. This asks for specific information pertaining to your garment. This must be
Style #: what is the style number on the website
Date: current date
Company: store you are costing for
Description: describe your garment
Season: fall or spring
Fabric Type: either woven or a knit
Label: what is the label on the garment (i.e. “Old Navy”)
Main: what is the main fabrication of your garment’?
Lining: is there a lining fabric’?
Finishing: any flnishing’?
List the yardage used: the price per yard: total cost. Research fabrics at the stores in the garment district. Divide the selling price of the fabric
yard in half to get the wholesale price of the fabric. This will be the same for any trims used.
List any trims including buttons. zippers. snaps. embroidery. etc. Your garment may not have this therefore it can be left blank
This is already provided via the example. You do not need to change this unless you are costing a high end garment (i.e. Chanel jacket)
This is provided. All will use these numbers regardless of your garment
Wholesale markup (MU) ranges from 30-5096: you may need to adjust based on your garment/company
Retail MU ranges from 3596-5596: Private label MU ranges from 6096-7596 0″””e ‘ ‘Z’i’r’ta‘i
Wholesale markup (MU) ranges from 30-50%: you may need to adjust based on your garment/company
Retail MU ranges from 35%-55%: Private label MU ranges from 60%-75%
Round your final cost according to the retailers pricing strategy- Make sure to double-check your work. All the formulas are provided in the example
and in the PPT-
You can include a sketch or image of your garment. This isn’t required-
The write-up portion of this assignment will include:
Detailed academic explanation of the “good, better, best” strategy with your real life examples
Description of the “good, better, best” garment style (how is the garment different at each price point?)
Consumer profile analysis of each market segment
The paper should be about 5 pages of content- This is to be done in APA.

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