Gold Rush Century

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1. California Counties: Find a historical event that occurred in each county-using government and county websites, along with educational websites (including the web address at the end of the paragraph). Counties: Napa, Fresno, Sacramento, El Dorado, Lasen

2. California Indian Territories: Copy the California Indian map from our website, then find and label the following California Indian Groups on our class map: (MAP IS ATTACHED ON FILE!!! – Ca Indian Groups 2 blank.jpg)

#1: Tolowa, Yurok, Wiyot, Mattole, Sinkyone, Wailaki, Lassik, Nongatl, Chimariko, Whilkut, Chilula, Hupa, Karok, Shasta
#2: Achumawi, Atsugewi
#4: Wintu, Nomlaki, Patwin, Nisenan, Konkow, Yana, Maidu

3. California Population: How many people were in California by 1850? 1860? 1870? 1880? 1890? 1910? You can find this information at:

(Study over these statistics from the Census Bureau to find the information–which counties grow rapidly before 1910?)

4. GOLD RUSH ART: Oakland Museum at

Browse the Art Exhibit tour at the Oakland Museum, site listed above. Look over all the paintings, then choose four you like best (list artist, title, and date done). Why do you like them? Do you think the art realistically conveys the mood and feel of the Gold Rush camps? Why or why not? Explain.

5. Gold Rush Towns

Find Dutch Flat, Sonora, and one other town of your choice on the map below (MAP IS ATTACHED ON FILE!!! – MININGTOWNSMAP49.jpg), then find some information on these

towns on the web (every town has a website, for example, and you can usually find pictures of various

towns). Find pictures, descriptions, and the history of these towns on the web and write a short

description to sum up significant characteristics of each. Be sure to use quotations where appropriate,

and to cite the sources of your information.

6. San Francisco Bay: Label the following on the blank Bay Area Map below (MAP IS ATTACHED ON FILE!!! – 417 Wo4.jpg): SOUTH BAY, SAN PABLO BAY, GRIZZLY BAY, SACRAMENTO RIVER, CENTRAL BAY, SUISUN BAY, HONIKER BAY, SAN JOAQUIN RIVER.

7. California Rivers: Label the Blank River Map (MAP IS ATTACHED ON FILE!!! – SFWrkshtPic8.jpg) with the following: Clear Creek, Shasta Lake, Big Chico River, Butte Creek, Yuba River, Bear River, American River, Cosumnes River, Mokelumne River, Calaveras River, Stanislaus River, Tuolumne River, Merced River.

8. Sacramento, Stockton, and Oakland Harbors

“Deep Water Ship Channels: The Delta supports two major inland ports, one in Stockton and one in Sacramento. They are located about 80 nautical miles east of the Golden Gate Bridge. As shown on the map, they are served by the Stockton Deep Water Ship Channel, completed in 1933, and the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel, completed in 1963. These channels gave recently been deepened to 35 feet.” (From the Delta Atlas: & )

Look at the following descriptions and pictures of Sacramento and Stockton, along with the port information about Oakland. Considering what you have read, along with careful study of the information and images below, what adjectives best describe the geography and nature of these towns? Write a paragraph describing the geography an nature of the port towns of Sacramento, Stockton, and Oakland. (use county, state, official, and educational websites).

9. The Alma & Balclutha:

Go the the San Francisco Maritime Museum site at and–Briefly explain –IN YOUR OWN WORDS, the sifgnificance of the these two famous San Franciscan ships–the ALMA and the BALCLUTHA. Write one paragraph.

(Main Site for S.F. Historic Ships:


10. Railroads: Find the above map at the Railroad Museum Website, and look at the California route for the transcontinental railroad. Describe its route–what cities, towns, and counties does the railroad pass through in California? Please note, don’t list all the cities and towns it passes through in California–study the map first, then describe the route in your own words using towns or cities you find significant. Write as if you were explaining to someone the route of the this railroad, also taking note of important terrain and geography (consider California’s geomorphic provinces, for example). Write one paragraph.


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