Getting Acquainted – Discussion

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Welcome to BUA 3345: International Business. Participation is a key component to a successful online course experience. Let’s start this experience by sharing something about ourselves! Part of being a successful international business person includes being exposed to various cultures and having curiosity about other nations. So, in your initial post, please introduce yourself to your classmates and instructor, and then address the following:

  • Share whether you have lived in or visited any country other than where you were born, and describe one positive thing that you miss about your experience there. Or, if you have never traveled abroad, identify a country you would like to visit and explain why.
  • If you are bilingual or multilingual, or if you have studied a foreign language, identify which language(s) you speak/have studied. If you are not familiar with any language other than English, identify a language you would like to learn and explain why.

Respond to at least two other peers with thoughtfulness and substance. Perhaps you have something in common you can further discuss? Or, perhaps you want to learn something more about what a fellow classmate shared? Ask about it!

Tip: Just in case there are problems with your computer or its connection, you may consider having a copy of your response available for quick retrieval.

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