George Mason High School Biomes of North America Questions

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Question 1: Directions:
Select any one of the main topics given below and write a term paper. As you see, these are
general topics in Ecology, and I am sure a lot of information is out there. My expectation is you
develop your term paper by clearly dividing your writing into at least 3 subtopics that you will
determine from your own research. You can make any subtopic you want, but your subtopic
must be related to your main topic because the purpose of subtopic is to expand your main
topic and make it clear. The main topic you select, and the subtopics you determine are
written in bold letters on separate lines as in the last two assignments you did in this course.
You will not earn full credit if you do not show the main topic and subtopics clearly.
Always start by defining your topic/subtopic. You can include pictures, diagrams, graphs or
tables you will find in your research to better illustrate your topic and subtopics.
At least two full pages; lines spaced not more than 1.5 and 12 font size. If you include pictures,
diagrams, graphs or tables, the size of your term paper can be more than two pages.
Main Topics: Select any of these topics that might interest you.
1) US Natural Resources Conservation
2) Biodiversity in USA
3) Computer Modeling in Ecology
4) Ecoregions in the US
5) Ecoregions in Virginia
6) Biomes of North America
7) Climate and Carbon Exchange Question2:

  • . Define ecology.
  • Explain the goal of ecology as a field of science.
  • Describe ecosystem.
  • Cite some examples of ecosystem.
  • . Describe community and cite some examples.
  • Identify and describe major small biomes and structures on campus as follows. You must include a picture for each of the following from your observation to earn full credit.
  • Forest/tree areas:
  • Grass areas:
  • Hills and flat lands:
  • Pond:
  • Gullies
  • Constructions (roads, buildings, sport fields, parks, etc:
  • Identify and list major populations on your area
  • . Try to note the interaction among the populations (completion, symbiosis, herbivore, predation, mutualism).
  • Identify major constraints of this ecology.
  • Recommendations.

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