Genetic Probability Problem for Basic Biology Questions

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1. In aliens the inability to digest carbon is an autosomal recessive trait. The ability to
digest carbon is dominant. If a female that can digest carbon, with a father that could
not digest carbon, has an offspring with a male that cannot digest, what is the
probability that:

a. Their offspring will be able to digest carbon.

b. Their offspring will not be able to digest carbon.

c. What is/are the possible genotype(s) of the mother?

2. In a special type of squirrels black spots is dominant over no spots. A fluffy tail is
dominant over a smooth tail. A squirrel with no spots and that is homozygous dominant
for a fluffy tail is mated with the squirrel that is heterozygous for both black spots and a
fluffy tail. Please give the genotypic and phenotypic ratio for this problem and show your

3. Below is a strand of DNA. Transcribe and translate it correctly like we did in class
(pretend you are the ribosome)!



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