GCU Nervous System Vocabulary and Discussion

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Please define the terms below and explain discussion questions in great detail.

Chapter 44 Nervous System Assignment

Define the following Key Terms

  1. Action potential
  2. Astrocyte
  3. Autonomic system
  4. Axon
  5. Brain
  6. Brain stem
  7. Cell body
  8. Central Nervous System
  9. Cerebellum.
  10. Cerebral Cortex
  11. Cerebrum
  12. Cranial Nerve
  13. Dendrite
  14. Ganglion
  15. Gray Matter
  16. Hippocampus.
  17. Integration
  18. Interneuron
  19. Medulla oblongata
  20. Myelin Sheath
  21. Neuroglia
  22. Neuron
  23. Neurotransmitter
  24. Parasympathetic division
  25. Peripheral Nervous System
  26. Pons
  27. Reflex action
  28. Schwann cell
  29. Sensory neuron
  30. Spinal cord
  31. Synapse

Answer Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the structure of a neuron, and give a function for each part mentioned.
  2. Name three types of neurons, and give a function for each.
  3. What are the major events of an action potential and include ion changes that are associated with each event?
  4. Describe the mode of action of a neurotransmitter at a synapse, including how it is stored and how it is destroyed.
  5. Name the major parts of the brain, and give a principal function of each part.
  6. Discuss the structure and function of the peripheral nervous system.
  7. Discuss the major features of the parasympathetic sympathetic divisions of the autonomic system.

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