Franklin Pierce College Horizontal Gene Transfer Discussion

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I have 6 question in total each week one question


Not everyone is excited about the influenza vaccine. For a variety of reasons people don’t believe in the worth of the seasonal flu vaccine. One big excuse is “I never get the flu vaccine and I never get the flu so they must be useless!” Nowadays, they are more confused as to why health care providers are suggesting the flu shot when it doesn’t protect from COVID. In an essay that is at most one page, explain to someone what the signs and symptoms of the flu are, explain what the importance of the influenza vaccine and what some commons misconceptions are about the flu and the influenza vaccination. Also, explain why it is important to get a flu vaccine during the current pandemic.

Learning Objectives

  • Know what the seasonal flu is
  • Understand the importance of the influenza vaccine
  • Know the different types of Influenza vaccines
  • Understand how the seasonal influenza vaccine is developed
  • Learn how Herd Immunity influences society
  • Be able to compare and contrast COVID infection from influenza

The seasonal flu is a very important part of our community. The use of the seasonal flu vaccine is very important for the health of our society. Though it is not always perfect, the vaccine limits the spread of many strains of influenza.

Here is a good website to get patient centered information on the influenza vaccine:

Here is an important website to learn more:

Here is a good website to visually see herd immunity in action:

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