Formal Analysis Paper

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  1. Choose a film. It can be one that has been discussed in class or something you have seen recently.
  2. Study the film by watching it multiple times on a Streaming Service or DVD.
  3. Choose three to five technical elements from the
    following list (angles, camera movement, framing, color, sound,
    lighting, shot selection, costumes, and proxemics) that contribute
    significantly to the film’s overall effect, and analyze in some detail the contributions of each. Use terms and concepts discussed in class and the text.
  1. When you watch the film, keep in mind the three questions taken from the German writer Goethe.

Goethe’s Three Questions

  • What was the artist trying to do?

What was the genre? Were they trying to make you laugh? Cry? Was it just simple entertainment?

  • Did the artist succeed in doing it?

Did you laugh? Cry? Yes or no?

  • Was it worth Doing?

Did you like what you saw? Were you entertained? Would you go back to see the film a second time? Was it worth watching?

  1. Use your analysis of the individual film elements as the body of
    your paper; then add an introductory paragraph, transitions, and a
    conclusion to shape the paper into a complete essay.
  2. Please don’t spend more than one short paragraph describing the film’s plot. Assume the reader has seen the film.
  3. Please don’t base your paper on the director’s commentary from a DVD.
  4. Finally, organize your paper.

minimum 800 words format provided in attachment

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